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Saxe 5th/6th

Saxe 7th/8th





"Starting to play competitive squash is 8th grade was tough. It meant having to tack on extra hours on the court with a coach, my brother or solo play. Nonetheless, after transitioning to NCHS and joining the team, the invigorated level of play complimented my hard personal training in a way I would never change. During my time on the NCHS squash team, we were able to build a certain level of camaraderie that allowed all of us to enjoy the hard work we were putting in and leave a foundation for future years to come. Being on the NCHS squash team was an incredible experience and something I will always value during my time as a squash player."
Grayson Bubrosky
Former NCHS Varsity squash player and Captain of the UVA Men's Squash team.

Sophie Havens - Class of 2021

Congratulations to our NCHS Girls team Co-Captain on her FairWest All League Award!


New Canaan Squash is proud to be part of the FairWest Squash Association, the largest public school squash league in the USA.  Click the logo above to visit the FairWest website for more information.


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New Canaan Squash Mission Statement

New Canaan Squash, Inc. is a volunteer 501c3 corporation dedicated to promoting, developing and supporting public school student interest and competency in squash by providing an opportunity for professional instruction for boys and girls in elementary school through high school, grades K through 12, as well as interscholastic competition in grades 7 through 12.  We are committed to accomplishing this by expanding town-wide visibility and growth of the program through a combination of public outreach, fundraising and increasingly successful interscholastic achievement.  Students are encouraged to maximize their potential in squash through instruction, practice, match and tournament play within the context of teamwork, camaraderie and sportsmanship, all while developing a lifelong appreciation of the game.